Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scraps and straight sewing...

Is it a bag?
Is it a quilt?

I'm thinking of a coat!....yes I know its a bit over the top, but I find myself looking closely at Japanese Boro on Pinterest,  a LOT!

I cut a basic kimono shape in calico and began to sew!  No thinking except which scrap can fit into each spot..think jigsaw without the rules!

surrounded by scraps

row upon row upon row, random placement and all raw edges!

after a wash and tumble dry...all scrunchy, LOVELY!

another piece with controlled colour choices...

...and now onto the blue side...straight onto the calico backing!

Its definitely a stash buster!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Upcycled rugs...

Some of the finished weaving task pieces from last week were submitted we began to pin them onto a felt backing.  There are a number yet to be added...and I will have to really push them to get finished but the students are pleased with how it looks.

The students are trying to work out if they go with a rainbow effect or random...and some were discussing what colours they should have done to get a better look to the piece....Thats OK. I'm pleased they are talking about these things!

This was a relief lesson task set with an accompanying 'tartan' design activity, I had year 8 and 9 classes work on for three lessons last week while I had some leave.  The weavings are A4 size in most cases and we DID make a dent in the scrap bins!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A 'stash busting' task for my classes this week...and why it is so!

OK, I have a confession to make!  I am reluctant to throw out fabric.  I have the students keep bits they think are still useful and we go to these first when we think about making a new project.  ( cost cutting and also minimise waste!)

We store them in big bins in the laundry alcove of the classroom.

Today I looked at the laundry...
..."expletive deleted..."
Under this pile of scrap are three big bins, and a tiled floor!

Time to de-stash!

...thinking cap on.....

Let's weave some tapestries and join them all together!

So, the focus of lesson this week for year 8 and 9 will be to reduce our stash and create some fancy artworks!

I've made a sample.

Guess Who?

I've collated some YouTube clips.  I've laminated the info sheets....rock and roll!

I'll share what the students make when they are done.  A double and a single 50 minute lesson has been allocated to make the card loom, design their tapestry, collect the scraps and start weaving!

Friday, August 15, 2014

...playing with paper ...part 2

Here are some of the completed pieces.  On display in the classroom, other year levels are quite intrigued and impressed by them.  Good promo for the subject!

Cinderella s gown?

Hollywood tape required!

Creative use of pattern envelopes!

Addding pattern to fabric

...nipped in and asymmetrical!
Each design had to be 'inspired' by the designer they researched.  Now they are onto the fashion storyboard - photo, sketch and details, with their designer inspired logo.  They have done a great job....but are itching to get on the sewing machines.
Our next project is a bag - the oval Lisa Lam/You Sew Girl make-up case.  Year 10's, ready for a challenge!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

....playing with paper...

working it all out

...a tuck here and there...

"would it go like this?"

... a bit of head scratching then down to work...
My Year 10 class  have been looking at the work of fashion designers.  We have created boards using Polyvore, and today they have created paper fashion for their store window display, featuring aspects of the designers' work.  Some elected to work 3D , draping and tucking.  Others worked flat on silhouettes to make their outfit.  Slow to start, and a bit apprehensive but as they got a feel for the papers (very old and incomplete commercial patterns, newspapers, paper towel and kraft paper), the conversations and problem solving has been fabulous to overhear!

my 'here's one I prepared earlier'....

Add my go to Dior The New Look design

Monday, July 14, 2014

Its almost at an end...

...and so the last finishing touches are going into the old family home after a 5 month leave from school...I've styled and shaped it, my brother doing the major construction work, and me the labourer/odd job/decorator.  Between the two of us the home has never looked better!  I wish I could live in a home like this....mine now resembles a crowded second hand shop as the two homes converge into one very small cottage.  I will continue to cull and give-away, and considering the styled home is also a complete house of furniture and decor items.....  Oh My Goodness! That's a lot to fit!

...and so I am sitting here at the PC trying to work out what will stay and what will go and have been playing with a moodboard for my bedroom.  Those of you that know me, will know that my house is usually full of colour, and not just one, but I am going to go very subdued and calm in its next reincarnation....whites, greys and taupe. Very new for me!

Goodies from online stores like Temple and Webster, Zanui, The Home, Sheridan-online and my old mates IKEA.  Bargain prices paid for everything!  A feature wall of peel and stick wallpaper of old white timber boarding, a green silk runner on the side of the bed, with chenille quilt cover, linen throws and velvet cushions....texture and lightness!

Im also looking forward to getting my big brushed chrome bed back!  At the moment its in the main bedroom at the old house! (sleep for me is on an inflatable 'Euro bed' at the moment!  Not bad, but very low!)

So, back to school next week.  I will try to check in with you Dear Reader very soon as I get back on the machine and begin to sew again...the paint brushes and work boots will have to wait for weekends again!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

...let's twist again..... show I used some of the scrap twine......

Twist,using selvedge of red balloon fabric and strip of check,directions to instructions here
Hand printed wrapping paper from The Dharma Door
Goodies inside for Anna'as birthday

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pinterest playtime

I continue to look and pin through Pinterest...and today I thought I'd have a go at one of the ideas....
My Poppet's scrap twine! 

Great tutorial!
Quick and easy and a 'mindless' activity to do while its raining and watching a DVD!  (...and by mindless I mean you don't have to think about it as you go!)

Not all of my scraps where conveniently, neat, 1 inch strips but I used up some of the stash and that's a good thing!  I didn't have the gorgeous colour combos and good lighting, but you can get the idea!  :-)

I reckon it will make good twine to wrap and decorate presents!

On the shelf just waiting now...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Slowly and purposefully...

I still struggle to be creative again with thread and fabric!
Did I burn out? ....well yes, a bit...
Did I become occupied by other things?  ....yes I definitely did!

The family home is styled and staged, painted and I find the remaining time on leave has become a little more relaxing and to be enjoyed!  (I might pop a few photos on the blog of things I have done at the house.  I probably should've done this all along to keep in the rhythm of blogging!)

So to today's activity...a sock monkey!

They are not a new thing in 'blogland' but I have loved them for a while and I have never made one!
I was going through my Pinterest boards the other day with Miss 4 (5 on Friday) and we were discussing the things we could "craft", as she puts it.  Two things grabbed our attention.  A penguin and a monkey.

Miss 4 armed with glue gun and scissors and some bits from the craft box and recycle bin made her penguin. My job was to squeeze the glue onto the bits she gave me.  A great result!

My task was to create a sock monkey.  Kind of cute - the socks were a bit too thin for my liking and so I couldn't stuff the body too much, but the pink bottom on the monkey has raised some eyebrows here at home!
Anyway, I've made one.

Tutorial from  here.

calf high socks from Coles supermarket, thus the brand and size on poor Monkey's back!

Haven't quite got the stuffing right but i do love his curled tail!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do you feel like knitting?

I found two freebies today while looking at the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine over lunch...I love a freebie so I thought I'd share in case you missed it!  

  1. Looking for some warm head-wear go here...the beanies are in the 'Cleckheaton' section, but there are a range of free patterns on the auspinners site.  You will need to register, for free of course, to access the patterns for instant downloads.
  2.  Looking to make, and donate if you can, some baby clothes go here

source from here

While not much of a knitter - I'm more of the 'creative crochet girl' myself, Mum is always knitting, so I see some beenies on the horizon...I think a tea cosy might be more my style, so cute!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Home styling while on leave...

...Don't fall off your chair!  I am trying very hard to get back into the routine of daily crafting!  I have missed it!  I love creating and sharing what I do each day.

I chose not to share with you what I have been doing this year as it has not been textile work.  Preparing the family home for sale has required considerable energy and time.  Transforming it into a blank canvas for another family has been bloody hard work.

...don't get me started!  Now the inside of the house is pretty much done, painted, repaired, wallpapered, carpeted.....its time to style and stage! After so much time of emptying the house it seems ironic that we are now filling it with styled coordinated goodies from my house and several trips to IKEA!

One of the tasks I gave myself was to cover my Nan's old wing chair.

 I decided to go with plain heavy canvas but didn't like it so used up some favourite vintage Sanderson linen pieces.  The fit is not perfect, but I have another chair in mind to use the cover for later!

Nothing like counteracting busy fabrics by introducing another pattern - the 'go-to' black and white check piping!

I love it!  We will wait and see what the agent thinks when they view it...the trend for super styled homes is the go at the moment, but I wanted to have our house a bit quirky still...not every family has incredibly new furniture and totally coordinated colour schemes.....or do they?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

havent forgotten you......caught up in "life" at the moment...

No sewing going on at the moment......I miss my daily fix at the sewing machine.  I have projects on the desk ready to go and the intention but no time due to renovation commitments and utter exhaustion.

don't go away completely..... I'll be back...

I really dont enjoy prep work.... but I will share after shots of mums house, later...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi Dear Reader!
Just a quick post to show you what I did with the small triangle off-cuts from the sashing around my recent quilt top!  Nothing can be wasted...and a bit of mindless sewing is always good I think....

quick pic and upload - no glamour shot editing here!

.....may end up as a mini quilt for Miss 4's doll house, or a mega mug rug!  20 cm x 20 cm....a big T2 cup I think...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jelly roll and layer cake, and not a kilojoule in sight!

I love those names!
I have had some days away from school for a number of reasons. Together with the school commitments, I have and a range of other things I am doing and there has been very little sewing at 'Yellow Fibro'!...and little at school at the moment!

But I have been slowly working on another fashion doll - to be revealed later - not too much later I hope - and I spent a day with Mum (Her at the iron and sitting next to me passing the next strip and piece!)  As it is, it covers the top of a queen size bed.  Not my usual colour way but there was something about some of the fabrics and colours that appealed.

...forgive the early evening sun through the tree 

Missouri Quilt company tutorial - Double Slice Layer cake pattern - completely random piecing
Fabric - V and Co by Moda - 'Colour me Happy' for both layer cake and jelly roll

Now to work out a backing with the remaining jelly roll strips and I think I'll wait for the fabric to be released by the metre and pick one out.  Then a 'scrappy'' binding to keep it simple!  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Long time, no see....

Hi Dear seems all I am doing at the moment is letting you know I am still here....

Back to school I have hit the ground running and have made a large number of commitments that are taking my energies...

BUT, I did get a Spoonflower delivery today of a fabric I have wanted to create for some time.  I have a very talented artist mother.  I had a watercolour Mum had done for her Christmas card last season, but didnt quite get around to putting the finishing touches onto it.
...enter me...always on the lookout for fabric.  I loved it and thought the 'Spoonflower treatment' was in order.

The Postie delivered it today!

30cm high Leucadendron and Protea repeated in a half tile pattern, watercolour by Vivienne

I had it printed onto the linen cotton canvas with the thought of cushion covers for the sofa or at the least a bag - surprise!  Mum was amazed and completely surprised,.....and I could tell by her expression she was very happy with the product!  I am very proud of her work...and I think seeing it in this new light, she was too!

"I never thought of that application before"

Well, Mum, guess are my fabric go to girl from now on!  many sketchbooks and ideas  will keep us in fabric ideas for ever!  I left mum over her hot chocolate thinking about 'toile de jouy' using her cottages and landscapes, and how she could repeat patterns.....I'll get her into that studio again!
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