Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bag of the Month - January

I have been testing a pattern for Sara (a.k.a. Sew Sweetness) and decided to make a 'sister' to the Honeymoon Case I made earlier. same fabrics in a different combination.  A big shoulder bag - lots of goodies can be carried in this one!

Fabrics from Spotlight (as used with the Honeymoon Case, previously made)
I decided to keep the bottom of  the bag 'serviceable' by adding a panel over the top of the front and back in the heavy upholstery fabric. Two rows of thicker top stitching thread finish it off nicely!

I added a fabric tab piece to the ends of the long zip. I knew my thicker fabrics would create a bit of a machine obstacle later on - I was right!  Using Soft and Stable interfacing gives bags body and stability but when combined with heavy upholstery fabrics....lets just say I was suitably challenged and my patience was tested a bit....

The white triangle behind the bling is the zipper tab I stitched on before inserting the zip

back view - mandatory label and pocket - tabs on the ends of the zip here too!

The popular 'Flapper' fabric for lining again!

Top stitching galore and the easy to use magnetic snaps.
 I reinforce the tops of pockets with a triangle of sewing too!

Hold your breathe as you turn the corners and manoeuvre the bag through the machine!
Once again the bag 'bling' - this time in antique bronze - from Emmaline Bags - gives the finish a 'did she make that or buy it ?' look.

Two really big divided pockets are on the inside to keep wallet and items from jumbling into each other, and a large zippered pocket on the back of the bag helps for quick access to things with a sense of security.  The front pockets have magnetic snaps.

As I was on holidays when I made this one I'd say it took about two full days and an evening to put together....pretty much nothing else gets done when I sit to sew! (sandwiches and reheated meals or takeaway is the go!)  I don't know....about 30 hours?  I think the cut out and preparation of all the pieces took the longest, and then before I realised I was sewing up the bottom of the lining!

It is a terrific pattern with lots of skills.  Give it a try!  You will get a great bag for your efforts.

Not too late to join!  Go here to find out more!

Two days later - I made another!  ...slight front pocket size variation to introduce a larger gap between the pockets, two pieces joined for the strap, added a key fob to the side seam so I can locate my keys to get into the house in such a deep bag!, silver bag 'bling' from Emmaline again,  higher bottom long will it stay white though?  I know what I'm like!

Now I'm all out of Soft and Stable again!  ...and the jeans and leather needles!  I should buy shares in them!
All the fabrics for both from Spotlight stores.  Home deco and quilting fabrics for bag 2.


  1. These turned out gorgeous! I am doing up a Bag of the Month Club post for January, can I use a pic and link to this post on my blog? Janelle from Emmaline Bags. PS, thank you so much for the link !!

    1. Always a pleasure to use your goodies!

  2. Your bags are gorgeous! I love your fabrics and colors... they give the bags such style! I will use your observations when I make mine!


    1. The hardest part is deciding which fabric combo to use many choices! Just go with what you love ....

  3. Hi Tracey, I found your blog via the Bag of the Month club post done by Sara. I love both of your versions of the bag. I have just spent a happy hour reading heaps of your back posts. I am delighted to have found another Aussie sewing blogger who loves bags too.
    I wish that sewing was like what you teach when I was at school; I may have continued with it beyond the compulsory first year. I come from a family of experienced sewists and crafters and the too rigid curriculum turned me off. I am sure you have heard that story many times, perhaps even experienced it. Each time I took things home and told/showed my mum what I was to do, she asked why it was to be done in such awkward/difficult ways. I tried thing both ways and mum was always right. I got into trouble at school for doing things differently even though I was about the only one to produce wearable successful articles. In my year level I was one of only three girls who didn't continue with home ec (1983) I would have loved to have teachers with a motto like yours. one of my closest friends stuck with it and went on to become a home ec teacher and became part of the new generation of teachers creating a better sewing/cooking world for the new generation. It seems like you are also part of this creative generation of teachers - i love what you are doing for the kids today. :)

    1. For me there is always more than one way to solve a problem.... and sometimes the PROCESS is more important than the product! Enjoy the sewing journey!

  4. nice bags, i have 2 questions, one the zipper tab is actually sewed to the zipper or in the seam of the bag?
    and the bottom fabric, did you add that over the others or???


    1. Hi All
      Susie, I stitched a tab to each zip end, then used this to taper the seam when stitching the zip along the top. The base is another layer over the full front or back piece, extra stability for the base. Would it be helpful if I post some photos of these steps? I will put some together and post them asap. Cheers, Tracy

  5. I've found that spraying my bags with scothguard or waterproofing spray really helpsnkeepnthem clean

  6. I'd also like to see how you did the bottom solid color. I've had a request from my best friend to make her one with solid at the bottom and if I can get advice on how to make it easier, I'll take it!


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